Portrait of Dr. D. Heller Fontana

Portrait of Dr. D. Heller Fontana

Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana is one of the leading dentists in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

Her current work focuses on aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana has been certified in both of these fields by the Director of Public Health of the Canton Zurich and is authorised to carry out her work in Zurich under the name «Practice for Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology».

In the field of implantology, Dr. Danielle Heller is involved in the development of ceramic dental implants - Zeramex. She has been accompanying this project for many years as an expert for aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Another of her successes is the introduction of the first metal-free dental surgery in Zurich.

The professional and personal competence of the entire team (dentists, dental hygiene, dental assistance), as well as the leading dental technicians always takes priority for Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana. Apart from the highest quality of treatment, we also place great store in patient-based care, optimum practice hygiene and the highest of standards.

Many years of experience at the highest level, further qualification at home and abroad, consistently pursued for many years, as well as the continuous adjustment of materials and practice equipment allow Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana to offer dental care that is based on the very latest technical standards.

Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana passed her state examination in 1981 at the Institute of Dentistry at the University of Zurich. One year later she completed her doctorate as Dr. med. dent. under Prof. U. Fisch, University Hospital Zurich. She completed her postgraduate training as an assistant dentist at the Institute of Dentistry of the University of Zurich, finishing up as head of the admissions ward (Triage). This was followed by further training in operative dentistry (dental implants) and general dentistry in private practices. Over the years she has expanded her knowledge of implantology and aesthetics at home and abroad.